Damarel Increase Data Centre Security, Capacity and Reslience

Damarel’s latest round of service improvements has focused on increasing security and adding capacity to our UK based Data CentreWith the latest server O/S upgrades and patchesand upgraded Disaster Recovery options, your systems and data are better protected than ever  

In addition, an incremental capacity increase allows even more users to benefit from the cloud hosting we provide. A whole range of Passenger Handling and aircraft Turn Management solutions delivered direct to your devices. 

We are committed to continual investment in our cloud services to deliver better performance, improved ROI and higher security to our customers. 

Use of our Data Centre means reduced infrastructure and IT costs for our customers, with quicker deployment times and simplified support. Users also benefit from faster software updates and remote support  reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 

Our class-leading L-DCS, Lodestone Aircraft Weight and Balance, FiNDnet Ground Handling Suite and Aura Common Use are all available through cloud hosting. 

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