Babel/ZIP connects at Exeter

With Flybe having switched their DCS operations to Amadeus Altea, Exeter Airport (EXT) has taken advantage of Damarel’s Babel/ZIP application to provide a seamless transition. The advanced Zero Integration Platform acts as transparent middleware and allows the Altea CM workstation client to run on the airport’s Common Use system without any changes being needed to either software platform. 

Exeter Airport is a thriving UK regional airport, showing exceptionally strong increase in passenger numbers. In order to make full use of their limited number of check-in desks, Exeter adopted Damarel’s Aura Common Use (CUTE) platform 10 years ago. This ensured every carrier could access their own DCS using common equipment, freeing up desk space and effectively increasing capacity. 

Babel/ZIP is a powerful Zero Integration Platform that means Altea and Aura can seamlessly communicate without the need to dedicate expensive resources to getting the application certified on a vendor’s Common Use platform. Acting as the translator between the application and platform Peripheral Manager, Babel/ZIP allows both systems to run as though they are in their native environment. Adoption is easier, quicker and far less costly for everyone.  

Babel/ZIP is available for the integration of other native airline applications on to other Common Use provider platforms without any programming effort being necessary from the stakeholders.

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