A Life In The Day

John Boult, Damarel’s Managing Director, recently featured in “A Life In The Day” in Ground Handling International magazine.

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He may not be the rock star he’d dreamed of becoming, but life as a techie hasn’t been so bad either…..

“I joined Damarel in 1990, as a fresh-faced IT graduate pursuing a role in software development,” Boult begins. “A career in music had been cut short through a tragic lack of talent, so university, then engineering, it was. I’ve since grown up with the company, and through a series of spectacularly ill advised career moves somehow ended up as Managing Director, overseeing a talented and growing team with a worldwide product installation base,” he summarises modestly.

“Back then, Damarel was in its infancy and had just secured its first contract; a project for a ground handler at London Gatwick. Although risky from a career point of view, this was exactly the opportunity I’d been looking for: a small start-up company in an interesting sector where I could be an integral team member,” he relates of his ambition. “There’s a great deal of satisfaction in helping something you started to grow from such small beginnings to driving handling operations in over 150 airports worldwide.”

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