79% Increase in passengers processed with L-DCS

L-DCS was used to check-in more than 1.2 million passengers at the three international airports in Cambodia (PNH, REP and KOS) during 2017, representing a 79% increase on the previous year!

The aviation market in Cambodia remains one of the fastest growing in Asia. Damarel is proud to have been supporting the market with class leading applications for both check-in and boarding for over 8 years.

L-DCS is extremely easy to use and the intuitive GUI makes agent training quick and easy. With fast handling times and simple check-in, bag drop and boarding processes, L-DCS reduces queue times and helps on-time departures. The use of L-DCS has enabled the 3 International Airports in Cambodia to cope comfortably with the significant increase in passenger traffic since 2009.

For ground handlers, airlines and airports, L-DCS is at the heart of operations of all shapes and sizes. From international airports with hundreds of check-in desks and millions of passengers, to small regionals with only a handful of positions, L-DCS gives you exceptional passenger processing.

Damarel has been providing mission critical Departure Control Systems for airlines, ground handlers and airports since 1998.

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