New Generation FiNDnet for Gatwick Ground Services

Powerful turn management for airport ground handlers

Gatwick Ground Services First To Complete New Generation FiNDnet Migration

British Airways (IAG) owned Gatwick Ground Services (GGS) has become Damarel’s first community member to fully migrate to the new generation of FiNDnet, Damarel’s comprehensive software suite for airport ground handling operations. The completely reimagined FiNDnet delivers more insight and control for turn management than ever before, taking one of the industry’s most powerful tools to even greater heights!

The FiNDnet Suite has been providing exceptional turn management, service recording and billing to handlers around the world for nearly 30 years. It is one of the best known, most heavily used and trusted systems available. This new release keeps it at the forefront of industry tools and sets new standards for performance and delivery.

As a ground handler, GGS provides full turnaround services to BA’s busy operation at Gatwick International Airport, consistently handling over 50,000 movements per year. Clear operational oversight and trusted information are vital to their successful operation at this congested, high-volume airport.

  • This major new version of FiNDnet updates the entire operational suite and provides even more features and benefits, all delivered straight to your browser. Any device, anywhere, any time. The streamlined interface keeps staff engaged and informed, while comprehensive single- and multi- station tools give complete operational oversight. Powerful new reporting tools and dashboards deliver the information ground handlers need to react to events, make informed decisions and help boost On Time Performance.

  • FiNDnet Turn Progress

Moving on to the next generation FiNDNet Suite was a painless and seamless project. As with any major upgrade, there was some apprehension, however, we managed the migration without any significant issues.

One of the biggest roadblocks was due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, as Damarel were on this occasion unable to have staff stationed on site at Gatwick. A decision was then made that we would transfer from the classic version after a few weeks of useful pre-testing with staff online only.

This all went very smoothly, demonstrating Damarel’s back-of-house preparation as extremely professional and well organised.

The system has been stable from the transfer date, and we have experienced no issues. The technology has been improved and further minor adjustments will be made as we learn.

All-in-all a successful outcome for Gatwick Ground Services thanks to the efforts of Damarel and their exemplary staff.

Mark GowerManaging Director, Gatwick Ground Services

Damarel has been supporting GGS for many years, with FiNDnet Operations at the core of their operation and central to everything they do. It receives, consolidates and disseminates information from a wide range of systems to ensure all stakeholders have complete visibility. The seamless migration to the new generation was completed in Spring 2021.

Multiple sources of information, from RMS to standard Type B and airport specific feeds are utilised to automatically populate and update the Operational Database. This access to reliable, real-time information ensures Gatwick Ground Services stays on top of the operation as the daily programme develops. At any busy airport operations must act quickly and efficiently as events – such as early or delayed arrivals – can dramatically change the expected operational profile.

Innovations such as targeted, high-quality video wall displays in locations like the loaders’ crew room keep staff informed of the current status and reduce radio chatter. Feeds to 3rd party service providers and downline stations make sure that everyone is kept updated with progress.

The GGS upgrade to new FiNDnet went very smoothly. The period of low flight movements provided a perfect opportunity to fully test the software in a live situation – and the results were impressive. As flights increase GGS are well placed to benefit from the new streamlined FiNDnet.

2021 will see many more existing and new customers benefit from this latest generation software.

Paul BrutonProduct Manager, Damarel

Designed specifically for ground handlers, FiNDnet delivers an Enterprise Class suite of integrated tools to cover the entire business process. It is an incredibly powerful and scalable system that brings impressive results and provides comprehensive operational control of the entire business process – from initial schedule preparations through daily operations and turnaround management, SLA monitoring, service recording and automated billing. FiNDnet helps you deliver efficient and profitable services to your airline customers.

Damarel has been providing mission critical software solutions for airport operations for over 30 years.

Contact us now for details on how Damarel’s FiNDnet Suite can help transform your airport ground handling operation.

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